Monday, 6 January 2014

What a Forensic Science Technician Does

Forensic science technicians usually work as part of an investigation team. A forensic science technician job description states that his job is more confined in a laboratory once he is able to collect the evidence that he needs in a particular crime scene. The results that he will obtain will very much affect the investigation and results of the work of a forensic scientists often sheds light to a crime. Thus once all the results are put together, the criminal will soon definitely be identified.

There are several processes that forensic scientists can do to be able to help in solving crimes. Securing the evidence is the most important step since it should be done with the least damage incurred possible. Damaged evidence is quite useless for an investigation as this will affect the results. For instance, if weapons were used in the crime and the weapon was left in the crime scene, the weapons should be secured without touching since they can detect fingerprints on the gun and touching the weapon will affect the results. They can also research with whom the gun is licensed to and thus get more information for the investigation. If the weapon was not left in the crime scene, the bullet shot will give the forensic scientists the idea on the type of weapon used to fire the bullet and obtaining the gun will determine if the gun and the bullet fit. Just the same, the bullet should be handled with utmost care.

Qualifications of such a job are also included in a forensic science technician job description. Aside from possessing knowledge of sciences such as chemistry, biology and even anatomy, forensic science technicians should have also studied the law, political science and criminal justice. Knowing the law is important since forensic science technicians are often asked to speak in court and report the results that he has obtained.

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