Saturday, 18 January 2014

Was Andrzej Lobaczewki Correct About Pure Evil and Political Ponerology - No, I'll Explain

Not too long ago, I wrote an article on the nature of Good and Evil in human society, and then later wrote a book review on Political Ponerology, which is basically the pseudo-science of pathological leaders, those who lack any conscience whatsoever. In these articles I completely dismissed this work and more so, those who promote such notions against the powers that be in order to stir up conspiracy theorists and claim foul play.

Indeed, there are far too many folks out there who prey on the weak and put forth such manuscripts, claiming they know the secret to some deep-dark group conspiring to rule over humanity. It appears the author of "Political Ponerology - The Science of the Nature of Evil," has been carefully adjusted to serve the political will of an individual who has an axe to grind - a political axe indeed.

Anyway the work pretends to be accumulated research of Stalin and Hitler's regimes, and then relates such evil leaders to present day political figures. The work is a political hit piece in every regard, and I suppose it plays well to those who believe in such things, perhaps due to their religious persuasion, cynical political views, or their inability to accept their own mistakes and thus blame others, especially political figures.

It is a dangerous book, as it might coax a low-IQ or mentally deranged person to do something evil, right after they convince themselves they were stopping evil, and thus, on a noble mission of some type. It's the type of book I'd expect an assassin to own, the uni-bomber, or John Hinkley Jr. Now then, after 27-years of observing folks go out of their way to take away other's rights, I've noted (mind you this is in the real world - not pseudo-science lacking any empirical evidence like this book) - that those who have been psychologically damaged are much more dangerous than others.

Indeed, I believe that Andrzej Lobaczewki was a damaged soul, and the editor of that book for some reason felt a kinship, perhaps also damaged material. The concept of Political Ponerology and 4% of the population being of no conscience is invalid as science, as there is no evidence or verifiable data to back it up.

In fact, I do not even believe that, that which was presented as evidence is even close to reality. So, to answer your question; NO, political ponerology is basically non-sense, but it might get the editor and book publisher PR team on Coast-to-Coast Am late night conspiracy theorist talk show one day! Ha ha ha. Please consider all this.

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