Saturday, 28 December 2013

Should I Study Any of the Social Sciences in College?

Many high school students going onto a four year college have a rather hard time picking out what to study. And you have to admit it is indeed problematic, after all whatever they pick to study will cost them a pretty penny and it better be something that gives them a return on investment if they are to pay off all those student loans right?

So, let us say the student is not really into the sciences, medicine, computers, and chooses to chase a social science degree. This becomes a really tough choice. For instance if they pick history, will they really learn history? History is something that we continually re-write based on politics, power, and control. Victors re-write the history always. And as one person said; "they just re-arrange the piles of crap to keep you on your feet, besides unless you were there, you can't know."

Well, how about a degree in law, politics or economics, as there are jobs available and you might actually learn something right? Ha ha ha. Okay, let's take that premise and consider this. First, Law cannot be learned, oh sure, you can learn some theory and memorize some laws, but it's constantly changing. And really it's all gray, never black and white, it just appears to be.

Politics is sound and fury, and while it is interesting, it really is quite a disgusting field to be in. Economics is funny, because it is obvious that no one has a clue, and in a room with 100 economists to the global economic crisis, you get 100 different answers.

Okay that leaves; Business and management. Of course, business shouldn't be taught by professors who've never done it, I just laugh at them, they are mostly clueless. The more prestigious business schools are worthy, they have actual business people from industry teaching, but have you seen the cost lately? Yes, well, I can see why college students are so confused really. Please consider this and don't default on your student loans, I already pay enough in taxes.

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