Saturday, 21 December 2013

2007 Issues In The Hypothetical Science Of Common Sense

Hypothetically speaking common sense should prevail in all the decisions we make and any decisions our elected representatives take. Unfortunately we all know that common sense is lacking in modern societies and we have witnessed in the United States a sort of political correctness, which is spreading through our population like a wildfire.

Why is this happening to such a strong nation with such a history of making common sense decisions? Well, it appears that in our push to treat everyone equal in every category of our society that we are in fact agreeing on the premise that there is no right and wrong answer, only a perception. The only problem is the resultant of the decisions made seemed to done so without any common sense whatsoever.

Is common sense a science you ask? Indeed, if you consider how common sense works then hypothetically it really is a science because it is derived from actual observation and experience, which is duplicate-able. Why would anyone make a decision, which defies common sense? It seems social conditioning has handed us a dilemma. So, often we argue the point; Does the Ends Justify the Means? Yet rarely do we take the reverse consideration when making decisions.

For instance consider if you will; Do the Means Justify the Ends? In other words if you do everything the politically correct way, yet you know that in doing so you cannot achieve your desired objectives or goals (Ends) then why are you doing it at all? Are you doing it for busy work sake? If so why; why do something you know spits in the face of common sense and will ultimately lead to failure?

This is indeed a good question and we need to ask ourselves why we make decisions in the name of the common good only to watch these things fail? It simply makes no sense at all. In the end each failed project takes its toll and proves the defeatists right and promotes more cynicism and leads to the "Blame Game" yet if common sense were applied early on, then victory or accomplishment would have prevailed instead.

I wish to thank you for reading this article on the "common sense" and realize it is time to wake up America and dump the Tsunami of "political correctness" that is drowning our nation and put a little common sense back into the process of governance and decision making. Thanks again. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?

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