Sunday, 6 October 2013

Is The Science Of Medicine In The US Pure Science Or Merely Drug Company Propaganda?

In the United States so-called science in regard to medicine is nothing more than a propaganda machine designed to sell more of big drug company's products. The clinical trials which the FDA uses to make decisions about drug approvals are almost completely conducted by the drug company selling the product. Big pharmaceutical companies hire (scientists?) to design and implement studies which will produce the exact result that the drug company needs to sell their product. If a scientist has too much integrity to use fraud and deception to manipulate testing they are quickly fired and sometimes even blackballed from the drug industry altogether.

It is common practice in the U.S. to manipulate drug tests in order to receive a favorable result (for drug company's products) which then makes it possible to champion the most ludicrous claims imaginable by these poison pushers. They then pick the exact studies which favor the particular drug they want to sell (discarding that which is not favorable) and these are sent over to the FDA for approval. The FDA approves countless drugs based on this farce.

This Same Bad Science Is Used To Discredit Natural Cures

The science falsely so-called which is used to promote synthetic chemicals that are proven dangerous and for the most part absolutely ineffective is also used to discredit vitamins, nutrition, and natural medicine as cures for disease. If nutrition, supplements, herbal treatments, exercise, pure water, and common sense were able to be patented you can bet your last dollar that drug companies would be touting their benefits. As of this writing, however, they still can't find a way to make money on natural remedies, so they will continue to be shunned by the medical community, the FDA, and mainstream media, in favor of synthetic drugs made in a laboratory.

Most of the science in relation to food, medicine, and the environment in the United States is nothing more than a propaganda machine for big business. Scientists in these areas are more like magicians who through the use of fancy slight of hand tactics provide the illusion that a product sold by the corporation is actually good or even a miracle product. This so-called science has no concern whatsoever for your health or the environment but only for the bottom line of the corporation who has paid them handsomely to produce favorable results.

Why Has A Cure For Cancer Not Been Found?

Thousands and thousands of people have been working in the field of cancer research for decades in the "search for the cure." What have these many years and multiplied billions of dollars dumped into this "search" provided cancer patients? Absolutely nothing! There is no cure now and there is no cure on the horizon. It is a multi-billion dollar money making machine that is utterly corrupted by greed. There will never be a cure for cancer from this scientific community because cancer is very big business. There is big money in treating cancer and managing it but the money supply would dry up quickly if a cure were ever found. It would put too many folks out of business so do not look for a cure any time soon or even in your lifetime.

That's why the FDA outlaws any claims of healing through nutrition, (raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds) vitamin supplements, herbs, and lifestyle changes such as exercise, while championing the benefits of statin drugs promoted by the drug industry and at the same time downplaying the horrible side effects to include the worst side effect of all -- DEATH. They will never tell you that natural remedies actually prevent cancer in the first place and often cure cancer in the sufferer because these natural remedies are inexpensive and can be used by all.

It is all too clear when unbiased facts are weighed in the balances that the so-called science of today is nothing more than the whore of big industry. This science is dedicated to conning people out of their hard earned paychecks and in this game cures do not pay the piper. In this high stakes game a cure is a bad thing. If the tremendous amount of money and resources dumped into the cure for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis (just to name a few) have never produced a cure than we either have the stupidest scientists on planet earth, or they have an agenda to keep drug companies churning out one new statin drug after another which cannot cure any disease but merely manage it. This science falsely so-called does not spend any of our hard earned money researching the cause of the disease but only the disease itself. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that if you know what causes something you can then eliminate it.

A Simple Cure For Cancer

One of the best cures for cancer according to much unbiased research is the sun. Yes, the sun! Vitamin D from the sun or from good supplements has been shown to eliminate the risk of cancer in up to 75 percent of the population. Since the sun cannot be patented, this true science about the miracle of vitamin D is widely suppressed. Tests are even manipulated to not only downplay the roll of vitamin D but to also scare us to death so that if we ever do get out in the fresh air and sunshine we must be covered from head to toe in expensive sunscreen. In addition the ridiculously low levels of vitamin D that the medical community touts as reasonable and safe is a joke. That is why over 80 percent of the population is suffering from a lack of vitamin D which is also why the above named diseases are running rampant in the United States.

Science Needs To Step Away From Big Industry And Seek True Answers

The scientific community will never provide a cure for anything as long as they are on the payroll of big industry. In this writer's opinion true science should seek knowledge about the wonders of the universe apart from the influence of big business or politics. It is my personal opinion that the only true function of a human scientist is to discover how God made it and what are it's true properties. This is pure science and has no agendas except the discovering of truth. Pure science is an impossibility, however, when the scientific community in this country are merely the corporate whores of big business who manipulate testing in favor of their pimps.

Until there is a major reform as to how science is conducted in America, and even it's reason for being, we will continue to suffer the highest disease rates of any developed country in the world and these diseases will continue to ravage our society to the bankrupting of this great land which many including myself proudly call home. May this scenario which is well on it's way never be brought to fruition!

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