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Hitting the Bull's Eye: Mastering Your Political Campaign and Election Strategy in the Philippines

Filipinos are among the known geniuses of the world in the arena of Politics for reason that only in the Philippines -being a Democratic country, where you could find hundreds of ways to circumvent the basic tenet of the word "election".

Believe it or not that when it comes to election result in the Philippines, there is no such thing as a loser, for all candidates considered themselves as winners. The dogma is, if someone got defeated in a certain election then it follows that he is therefore cheated.

Whether we like it or not, Politics is deeply embedded in the Filipino Culture. This is the result of more than 300 years of "captivity". In fact the death of Andres Bonifacio -one of our greatest heroes is due to Politics. If Emilio Aguinaldo is still alive today, I am sure that he can attests to the veracity of this claim.

This handbook is the fruit of my intensive observation and involvement of various Political Campaigns here in the Philippines. I am not claiming that this is the best political campaign and election strategy manual that the country has to offer but rest assured that all written here is worth considering and might as well be of someone's leverage if in case he has the desire to take the lead in making this country a better place to live.

Yes, the end cannot justify the means but in Politics justifying the means is certainly un-called for if one wants to have a favorable election outcome.

The Handbook covers the following topic:

Things to know before vying for a political seat

  1. Financial Capacity - Know how much you can afford to loss
  2. Health Status - Know your Physical strength and Emotional Preparedness
  3. Affiliations and Connections - Know your stand in the community
  4. Issues that must be resolved - Internal and External Issues
  5. Political Landscape - Get to know the people, their stand and outlook of governance.

Things to Consider Before Running a Campaign (Campaign's 5-S)

  1. Structure of the Organization - Creation of a fortified Core
  2. Strength of Campaign Machineries - Manpower, Logistics and organization
  3. Strategy to be used - General Plan of Action / Project focus
  4. Strata of risk and conflict management - Roadmap to Alternative solutions
  5. Sustainability Factor - Cascading Potential to the grass roots

The Command Center and WAR Room

  • How to Set-up Political Headquarters
  • How to Set-up a War Room

Measures of Winning Probability

  • Pre-Campaign Survey: Instrument Making, Sampling Procedure and Analysis.
  • Interim Survey
  • Mock Election

Things to Know when running a Campaign

  1. How to handle the two faces of propaganda? - Black and Gold
  2. Demographics of the voters - The Power of Statistics
  3. Strength of your opponents / rival - Measures of "Virality"
  4. Dousing the Heat between and among groups - Negotiation Factor
  5. Group Processing - Strengthening the Bond and Cooperation

The Campaign

  1. Branding - Giving Life and Personality to your campaign
  2. Choosing a Platform - The Do's and Dont's
  3. Time Management - Proper Scheduling / Time Table
  4. Financial Management- Handling Solicitations and Campaign Operations Expenses
  5. Contingency Measures - Problem and Possibility Tree

Knowing the Major Types of Voters in the Philippines

  1. Intelligent/Reasonable Voters
  2. For Sale Voters
  3. Bandwagoners
  4. Party Sympathetic
  5. Clan Controlled

Types of Election Strategies

  1. Tri-Media Exploit - Print, Radio and Television
  2. Social Media Integration - Online Campaigns
  3. Group Alliances - Civic and Religious
  4. Underdog Doctrine - Appeal to sympathy
  5. Vacuum Effect - The science of nothingness
  6. Migration Charge - Voters Movement Exploit
  7. Parallel Approach - Taming the "Rooster"
  8. Shock and Awe - Flooding Principle
  9. Pyramid - Systematic Delegation

Back to Square-One Counter Measures

  • Financial Maneuvering

Special Operations - The Day

Special Operations are very confidential since this is for sure can make or break a candidate's entire campaign, therefore, I can only discuss this to people or candidates who really wanted my help to win a local election.

  1. Iron Blanketing -
  2. Controlled Ejection-
  3. Bait and Pesos-
  4. Organizational Injection-
  5. NEWS exploit-

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