Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Political Activists Websites and Email Forwarding to Politicians

Have you ever been to a political action committee's website that has a particular issue they are currently working on. They do everything to get you all hot and bothered to take action and call or write your congressman or senator. Many have relays, where you can type out your response and send it in via their website and many folks take them up on it.

Such an automated system is interesting indeed. But what if a website had all views on it, that is to say Republican, Democrat and Independent? So you could pick what you wanted to send rather than them telling you what to say or do and to whom. And if such a website has all views it is of much more value in that it gives government an instant polling in real time.

Although one who studies political science and history might say that there are issues with that too, as we are a Republic and moving policy like the wind changes can be even more disruptive than either path of the hardliner left or right. Politicians need to appease the masses, but the masses are swayed too easily by media day to day and thus although you maybe thinking you are helping things you maybe causing long-term problems.

Such a website would do well as it would be a place for all voices to be heard and interesting in that it is similar to the voting ballots where opinions of each side are there. But if you have many different opinions then people can pick which one they want to send and that way the politicians and staffers do not get inundated with blockages of their email systems from the exact same letter from 400,000 people. Meaning if a citizen or business has a different issues they will not get through.

Additionally such a website with forums and blogs and such system is good as it keeps the restless rabble rousing natives busy in all their sound and fury and allows them an outlet for opinion as everyone seems to have one these days. Perhaps we need to come together and discuss all the issues online for the betterment of all mankind? Consider this in 2006.

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